How Reliable Is Scanguard?

How reliable is Scanguard?

Scanguard is a software suite that offers a broad range of tools and features for protecting your computer, tablet, smartphone as well as other digital devices. The malware scanners assist in identifying and eliminating all kinds of viruses including Trojans as well as rootkits, spyware, and viruses. It also offers ransomware protection, which halts the application until a ransom has been certainly paid. Other features include advanced ad protection that blocks irrelevant ads on four major browsers and a hard drive cleaning feature that eliminates repetitive files to free up space on your device. All Scanguard plans offer 24/7 priority support via email and live chat. The website also includes an FAQ section which is well organized.

Scanguard might be a great antivirus program, but it is not perfect. There have been a number of reviews posted online that have questioned its reliability. The program is capable of detect malware, however it often produces false positives. In addition, it can be a bit expensive.

Scanguard offers a subscription-based service with three device licenses included. A subscription costs $39 annually and is rebilled at full price unless it is cancelled. The Scanguard website explains that you must purchase a subscription to use the software, and that refunds aren’t possible after 30 day. The website also provides a list of features available and how much each one costs. Scanguard does not include any release notes or changelogs on its web page.