Requirements and Templates for Board Meeting Agendas

A well-organized agenda for board meetings is a crucial tool that will facilitate productive, collaborative meetings regardless of whether you’re meeting in person or remotely. It can help keep the conversation focused on the most important subjects and to avoid wasting energy or time on unproductive ones. A well-organized agenda is a key element of a successful board meeting, there’s more that you can do to increase your board’s effectiveness and efficiency.

Ideally, agendas for board meetings should be distributed between two and three days or a week prior to the date of the meeting. This gives board members time to review and prepare for the meeting. This gives them the chance to ask about any other topics they think should be discussed during the meeting. It’s a simple, but effective way to cut down on any unexpected additions that occur at the beginning of the board meeting.

Include both new and old items on the agenda. The old business section of the agenda for board meetings will include any issues unresolved from previous meetings as well as any proposed topics for discussion at this meeting.

When preparing the board minutes of the meeting, be certain to clearly document any decisions made in the course of discussion. Note any appeals or points of order made at the meeting, and also include a summary of any executive sessions.

board meeting agenda requirements templates